Where We Grow


Elsalma Fields

The Elsalma Fields, named for Sebastian Mueller's two daughter Elsa and Alma, allows Eden Hall to conduct more land-intensive projects and crop research. 


Aquaculture Lab

The aquaculture lab houses a large 1,500-gallon commercial style freshwater aquaculture system, a smaller freshwater aquaponics system, fish breeding facilities and a number of 20-gallon tanks.


Moveable Hoop House

The hoop house is built on tracks to allow the gardens to be fully open to the elements. In inclement weather the gardens are covered to protect against crop damage. The gardens are also covered to extend the growing season. 


High Tunnel

The solar high tunnel is heated by our solar thermal system, and allows us to grow vegetables all year long–through the use of renewable energy. The walls can be automatically lowered or raised to regulate temperature.

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Agroecology Garden

Located near the Mueller House, the agroecology garden is an implementation space supporting undergraduate and graduate student research and serves as a fantastic teaching space for our K-12 programing.



The Greenhouse was a permanent structure when Chatham acquired Eden Hall Campus, and is one that is still extensively used. It also serves as a workstation for activities conducted at the adjacent Agroecology Garden.