Community, Arts & CULTURE

Inspiring connections through education, art, and nature.


Community, Arts & Culture

Eden Hall Campus is for everyone – students and communities alike. Nurturing a healthier world requires us to share our unique knowledge, appreciate the talents and creativity of others, and harness those energies to make our own contributions in the world.



Concerts in the Amphitheater


The Eden Hall Summer Series offers a variety of concerts and theater performances for every age. Our event calendar will help fill your summer evenings with great entertainment in the North Hills.

The inaugural Eden Hall Campus Summer Series was launched in 2014 in Pittsburgh's newest outdoor music and performance venue, the Hilda M. Willis Amphitheater at Eden Hall Campus. Carved directly into the surrounding landscape, the amphitheater at Eden Hall offers stunning views and a one-of-a-kind, intimate outdoor performance space for musical, theatrical, and cultural performances.

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Brunches and Farm-to-Table Dinners


Throughout the summer months, Chatham University will be hosting various brunches and farm-to-table dinners featuring locally sourced food, as well as food grown and harvested at the Eden Hall Campus! Come and join us for tasty food, fun and fellowship!

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CRAFT Workshops

Presented by the Center for Regional Agriculture and Food Transformation, our food workshops offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about culinary aspects that pique their interests. CRAFT workshops are typically offered in a small class format for students to get more hands-on attention. Workshop topics have included bread baking, chocolate molding, sausage making, wine tasting, pie making, dry-curing meats, and more. 

K-12 Programing


Through K-12 programming and events at Eden Hall Campus, a more sustainable future starts now. Students can explore and participate in a variety of activities that broaden their awareness of the connections between food, energy, nature, science, mathematics, and more. Educators discover how to take those same principles of sustainability into their classrooms and create fun and educational lessons that have broad applicability. Eden Hall's K-12 team provides educational opportunities that include Grades 4-12 field trips, educator events, campus and overnight programs like our Sustainable Leadership Academy, and more.



Art Installations & Building Design

Eden Hall Campus Building Architecture Chatham University
Sustainable Design at Eden Hall Campus Chatham University
Wooden Stage at Eden Hall Amphitheater Chatham University

In the pursuit of building for sustainability, good design and architecture need not be sacrificed. In fact, these elements complement our approach to sustainability that reaches beyond environmental. Whether it's through the earthen walls in the Barazzone Center, temporary environmental and land-themed art installations, or our campus's integration of design with nature, Eden Hall was built to captivate and inspire.