Public Community Education

Inspiring people and communities to live more sustainably.


Public Community Education

Eden Hall Campus is for everyone  - students and communities alike.  Nurturing a healthier world requires us to share our unique knowledge, but it also requires us to listen to those around us and meet local needs and interests. 






Workshops will include focus on chocolate, wine, bread, sausage, and pie making techniques.



Nature hike

Enjoy a two hour guided excursion through the woodlands of Eden Hall, and visit our American Chestnut tree - a species on the verge of extinction.


seasonal Farm Workshop

Explore new interests on the Farm at Eden Hall. Depending on the season, you may engage with the apiary and help us spin honey, inoculate logs for shiitake mushrooms, harvest food from the field or greenhouse, or tap maple trees.  

GARDENING: The Backyard Enthusiast

A series of hands-on workshops for the backyard enthusiast committed to gardening, creating a natural habitat, and living sustainably!


Attracting Pollinators to your Backyard

Two out of every three bites we eat wouldn't exist without the hard work of pollinators. Learn what you can do to attract different kinds of insects and birds to your garden. Discover a variety of plants that help attract and support pollinator populations and learn strategies to protect them.

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In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover a centuries old European approach to a no-till, raised bed garden. Designed to improve garden conditions across a huge range of climates, hugelkultur is now a sought-after garden sensation sweeping the US.



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Nature Journaling - Capturing the Changing Fall Season

Slow down and record the world around you! In this workshop we will observe then capture the changing colors and landscapes of fall through sketches in pencil, pen, colored pencil or watercolor. We will work both outside and in the studio to capture the mood of the day. No special skills needed, just the desire to document the world around you. 


Weaving with Mother Nature

Welcome to the meditative world of basket making. Even if you have never woven before, this is your opportunity to create a basket that you will treasure using only natural materials.


The Magic of Felted wool from Mushroom to Beret

You probably know that wool is a magical fiber that insulates from cold and heat. But, did you know that wool resists water and fire? Most importantly, it’s what you can do with wool that truly impresses. Come and transform fuzzy wool fibers into felt using only soapy water and your hands.


Book-binding by hand

Love to write or draw, but don't love store bought journals or sketch books? In this workshop students will construct and bind a 4 by 6 inch journal or 8.5 by 11 inch sketch book. You’ll explore different binding stitches and cover-making techniques to create a personalized hand-bound notebook.